“Today’s costume” .. The death of the artist Ahmed Ramzy, 28 September 2012


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His full name is Ramzi Mahmoud Bayoumi Masoud, and his fame name that we know him with is Ahmed Ramzi, one of the Egyptian screen boys from the mid-fifties to the beginning of the seventies. Until 2007, he was born on March 23, 1930 in Alexandria to the father of an Egyptian doctor, and a Scottish mother, and he studied at the Orman School, then Victoria College, then joined the College of Medicine to become like his father and his older brother, but he failed 3 consecutive years, then moved to the College of Commerce, graduated there and obtained a bachelor’s degree And his father passed away in 1939 after losing his fortune in the stock exchange, his mother worked as a supervisor for female medical students to raise her children with her salary, until her eldest son Hassan became an orthopedic doctor. The other is one of the factors that established the idea in his mind, and there was a permanent meeting between Ramzi, Omar and another person in Groppi in the center of the town, and in one of these meetings this trio met director Youssef Shaheen and entered into a folded dialogue with them. I still had “Ramzi” hoping that “Shaheen” would choose him in one of his films, but he was surprised one day at the age of Sharif, telling him that “Shaheen chose him to be the hero of his new film“ Struggle in the Valley ”in 1954 and shocked“ Ramzi ”, but he was not sad because the role went to a friend of his life. The dream kept haunting him, and when “Shaheen” assigned the second championship in the same year to Omar al-Sharif in the movie “The Devil of the Desert”, “Ramzi” went with them and worked as one of the filming workers so that he would be close to his cinema lover, and on a night in which he was sitting in the pool hall as usual, he spotted Director Helmy Halim noticed his behavior and expressions, so he offered to work with him in the cinema, and he was very happy and his first starring was in the movie “Our Sweet Days” in 1955, and the funny thing is that the championship was with his friend Omar Sharif and the new face at the time Abdul Halim Hafez Ahmed Ramzi then launched in the sky of art and presented works Hamma expressed the feelings and problems of the youth of the twenties, and his roles continued until the number of films in which he participated was 100 films in 20 years, which is his cinematic age, which he first ended in the mid-seventies after he finished filming the heroes movie with Farid Shawky, and in the mid-seventies it was Ramzi’s decision to retire for the reason that he He felt the time was no longer for him, with the emergence of stars Young people such as Nour al-Sharif, Mahmoud Yassin and Mahmoud Abdel Aziz, so he preferred to move away so that his image remained beautiful in the eyes of his fans. His retirement, which lasted for several years, was followed by his return after the Arab screen lady succeeded in returning to acting through seven «story behind each door» directed by Saeed Marzouq, then Ahmed Ramzi’s decision was to be absent again, after he was preoccupied with a huge commercial project that relied on building and selling ships, a project that he worked on throughout the eighties until the beginning of the nineties, when the second Gulf War broke out and Ramzi’s trade was affected to the extent that he owed the banks huge sums of money according to them. Seizing all his possessions, and in the mid-nineties was a symbolic decision to return to the world of acting again through several works that he started with the movie “The Desert Cat” with Youssef Mansour and Nelly, the film “The Red Rose” with Yosra, and the series “The Face of the Moon” with Faten Hamama, and when He appeared in the movie The Red Rose with Yousra and directed by Inas El-Deghidi in 2001. He was the naughty young man, despite the creeping wrinkles of years on his features and baldness on his hair. However, as he appeared in our sweet days, he appeared in the red rose, opened his shirt, displaying his body and died «Zay Al-Dayr »On September 28, 2012, at the age of 82, he was agitated when he fell sharply on the floor, after his imbalance in the bathroom of his house on the northern coast, while he was heading to perform ablution for afternoon prayers, and his funeral took place in a very simple way in a mosque on the northern coast and was buried there in a very simple and calm manner based on his will And among the most famous of his other works are “Our Sweet Days, Days and Nights, and Struggle in the Port with Omar Sharif, Voice from the Past, Air Devils, Empty Pillow, Girls Today, Ibn Hamido, Where is My Age, Tamarhana, Fascinating Femmes, and Ismail Yassin in the Fleet, Strange and Never Extinguish the Sun, Seven Girls, Black Glasses, Zizi Family, Three Devils, Three Naughty Grapes, Bitter Grapes and Youth Very crazy and looking for a scandal and gossip over the Nile and heroes ».

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