“Today’s costume” .. The death of the leader Gamal Abdel Nasser, September 28, 1970


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Leader Nasser’s house in Manshiyat al-Bakri was not surrounded by any pomp, and was a model for the stripped-down, model leader, and when Nasser travels in government business, he rides one of the two government-owned black Cadillacs at his disposal and he does not use them on personal trips, and his black Austin car was damaged after Two years in the revolution, he bought a pistachio-colored Ford car, just as Nasrallah was relentless in his insistence that senior government officials be honest and have conscientious persons, and that their bank accounts should be open for inspection, and they must avoid suspicion of their involvement in any kind of corruption. Employees are out of their posts after breaking these rules. As the leader Gamal Abdel Nasser is a model of leadership and a revolutionary symbol in the Middle East, African countries and the Third World, and he supported many revolutionaries and revolutions in the Arab world. Today, half a century has passed since his departure. He died, “Zay Al-Naharda”, on September 28, 1970, at the age of 52, after 16 years of rule. . After he changed the map of the Arab region and the balance of power in it, he mentioned the dignity and dignity of the Egyptian citizen in Egypt and abroad and supported the liberation movements in the third world, and he was 34 years old when he overthrew the British occupation of Egypt, and stopped the position of peer-to-peer with the West, and although he left our world half a century ago, his strong presence is still He is renewing and imposing himself until now, and there were three works of art about him, the most prominent of which was the series “Nasser” written by Yusra Al-Gendy. And the film Naser 56, composing Mahfouz Abdel-Rahman.

The biography of leader Gamal Abdel Nasser says that he was born in his father’s house in Bakous neighborhood in Alexandria and on January 15, 1918, which means that he was 34 years old when he led the July Revolution, and this was the average age of his companions at that time and his father was from the village of Bani Mur in Assiut, and he was working as an agent of the office as Pridbacus and by virtue of the father’s work 1921 The family transfers were repeated, so Abdel Nasser moved in his elementary education between Kindergarten in Muharram Bey, El Khatatba School, Al-Nahhasin School in Cairo and Al-Attarin School in Alexandria, and in his secondary education he moved between Helwan Secondary School and Ras El-Tin School in Alexandria and Al-Nahda School in Dhahir in 1933 and on November 13, 1935 he was in a student demonstration and was injured In his forehead, and his colleagues rushed him to the circle of the Jihad newspaper, which was published by Tawfiq Diab; Where the accident occurred next to her, and his name was published on the first page among the injured in the demonstration, and in 1937 he applied to the Military College and was not accepted, so he joined the Law University of King Fouad «Cairo» and left it to apply again to the War College after announcing the acceptance of an exceptional payment and he accepted and graduated in 1938, joined the infantry and transferred to Manqabad, and met Zakaria Mohi Religion and Sadat. In 1939 he served in Khartoum and Jabal Al-Awliya, and he met Zakaria Mohiuddin and Abdel Hakim Amer, and in 1941 he was transferred to a British battalion camped near El-Alamein. During Rommel’s advancement, and in February 1943 he was appointed as an instructor at the War College, then he traveled to participate in the Palestine War, and wounded and won Nishan the military star, and after his return to Cairo, he realized that the real battle in Egypt was where King Farouk was overthrown, and the ruling regime and after 1949 established the Free Officers Organization and an executive committee was formed under the leadership of Gamal Abdel Nasser, the committee that became the Council of the Revolution, and the intention was to carry out the revolution in 1955, but the successive incidents began to rise in 1952, especially after the occurrence of the Cairo Fire on January 26, 1952 and the outbreak of demonstrations in Cairo, in protest against the massacre of police in Ismailia, and then the election crisis of the Army Officers Club. Where Muhammad Naguib, the candidate of the Liberals, succeeded, and Hussein Sri Amer, the king’s candidate, lost, so the king canceled the elections, so Abdel Nasser decided to advance the date of the revolution to July 23, 1952, and the revolution succeeded and Muhammad Naguib was presented as the leader of the revolution, and on June 18, 1953, a decision was issued by the Revolutionary Command Council to abolish the monarchy and declare the republic, and assign the presidency to the Muhammad Najib, in addition to his presidency of the ministry, as for Abdel Nasser, he took the position of Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Interior, then left the position of Minister of Interior, and in February 1954 Naguib resigned after disagreements between him and the members of the Revolutionary Command Council, and Gamal Abdel Nasser was appointed Chairman of the Revolutionary Command Council and Prime Minister and the dispute between Nasser and Naguib was repeated, and ended with Naguib’s dismissal Nasser came as president

After the 1967 setback, he announced his resignation, and the masses called on him to stay and fought a fierce war of attrition, and what he achieved was that he nationalized the Suez Canal, established the High Dam, established the Non-Aligned Organization, issued agricultural reform laws, promoted industry, education and housing, and supported the liberation revolutions in the Arab world and Africa, and it is reported that Nasser revolted because of an article published by him. One of the American magazines said that this gilded furniture is taken from Farouk’s palaces while this is not true, and at the time when he has the right to reside in one of the royal palaces as a head of state … but he paid for the salon that he owns and receives his guests from his pocket and one of his other integrity features is that He was strongly opposed to favoritism with senior state officials for his relatives, and he insisted on punishing any responsible person who did so, thinking that he would like Nasser. It happened once that he spoke by phone with the owner of one of the daily newspapers and asked him: “Do you not see the good page?” You mean your father’s picture? Nasser replied insistently: “I do not like to spread news of my father among people, and I want him and my brothers like ordinary people, and I do not want my position to spoil them.” He states that he ordered his uncle to be arrested because of his courtesy of a French woman in Cairo who was in trouble and his uncle interceded with her, even though she broke the rules

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