Tottenham overtake Chelsea on penalties to qualify for the League Cup quarter-finals


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cut Team Tottenham English Card Transit للدور quarter Final For the tournament cup the Nexus English On Account Chelsea, After Excellence on him With kicks Weighting, in a the match Which Collected Between them evening Tuesday On Stadium Tottenham In the capital لندن.

وتقدم The blues With a view in a Minute 19 Record The star International German Timo Werner Bound newly للفريق From Rows Leipzig Informed season Ongoing.

وبينما she was the match going to me Its end, Succeeded Tottenham in a Realization Tie About Way Argentine Eric Lamila in a Minute 84.

and then End time the match the original, Be tight The two teams For kicks Weighting directly, And he succeeded No games Tottenham in a Sign Up 5 Kicks, While Record No games Chelsea 4 Kicks Before that Roars Mason Mount The kick Last Sit down Tottenham Card Qualify.

وشدت the match altercation Verbal between the coach Portuguese Jose Mourinho, Manager Artwork لوتوتنهام ، And English Frank Lambard Coach Blues, distance that Complained Mourinho للحكم the fourth From plenty Protests Lambard On Decisions Arbitration.

ودخل The two coaches in a altercation Sharp On Though From Relationship Brilliant Which gathering Between them, Where play Lambard Under Leadership Mourinho in a Rows Chelsea, وتوج With him With a title The Premiership.

This And from Scheduled Accommodation Rest Matches price Final Competition daily Wednesday والخميس, Where Are held 4 Matches evening Wednesday Most notably Manchester City And Burnley, Vibrations ومانشستر United.

in a when Are held 3 Matches evening Thursday, Come in a Its introduction the top Prospective between Team Leferball وآرسنال Scheduled Set up On Stadium Anfield.


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