Trump and Biden’s first debates: A lot of reasons, a little politics (report)


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The debates that precede the elections in any country in the year have always been an opportunity for the candidates to compete in highlighting their electoral programs and their economic and political thought to persuade the voters to vote for them, and the first presidential debates between the US President, Donald Trump and his Democratic rival, Joe Biden, will not come on Tuesday evening, to strike all These axioms are out of the wall. The debate turned into an arena for exchanging insults, insults and mutual insults, so that the debate deviated from its goal, which is the “electoral policy” of each candidate, and quickly turned into a state of chaos after Trump continued to boycott his rival, who described him as a “clown”, saying that he was “the worst president of the states.” United States of America ».

Here are the most prominent “verbal punches” among the candidates:

The debate was dominated by a frenzied atmosphere that was dominated by intense tension and a boycott of each other, and from the first moments of the debate, tension and quarrels were the master of the situation, as the two men boycotted each other repeatedly, and the matter came to the former Vice President Barack Obama to attack Trump, saying to him, ‘Hey, man, from It is difficult for a person to have a chance to say one word in the presence of this clown, sorry, this person. ”

Joe Biden described President Trump as “Putin’s puppy.”

Biden said during the debate with Trump in Cleveland: “The truth is that I have entered into a confrontation with Putin, and I made it clear to him that I will not follow his tricks, but he (Trump) Putin’s puppy, he cannot even tell him anything about rewards for the heads of American soldiers.”

“Under the leadership of this president, we have become weaker, poorer, more divided, and more violent,” Biden said.

It also described the main Democratic candidate seeking to win a second term as a “liar” and a “clown”. “Everything he’s saying so far is a lie,” Biden said of his opponent on November 3rd maturity. I am not here to prove his lies. Everyone knows he’s a liar. ”

“It is difficult for a person to have a chance to say a single word in the presence of this clown, excuse me this person,” he added. “You are the worst president in the history of the United States,” he said. In turn, Trump accused his opponent of being lacking in intelligence and being a puppet of the “radical left.”

“You’re not related to intelligence, Joe,” Trump said on the debate stage in Cleveland, Ohio, to the former vice president. 47 years old and did nothing ». The two candidates exchanged these epithets in front of tens of millions of Americans, 35 days before the presidential elections.

Addressing the Americans, Trump said, “How many of you wake up this morning with an empty chair at the kitchen table because someone died of Covid-19?” Biden mocked Trump, whispering one of his most famous statements: “Maybe you can inject clothing bleach into your arm, and that will cure” the Corona virus.

Biden: My son served with honor in Iraq, not a failure

* Trump replies: Your son is addicted to drugs, and he did not get a job until after you became Vice President and made a huge fortune behind it.

Joe Biden used the word “God willing” to ridicule Trump, who said that the American people would see his tax register. Biden responded: “When? God willing? ”As if he wanted to indicate with the word“ God willing, ”that he would never see this thing.

Trump attacked the Democratic candidate who leads him in polls, saying, “Intelligence has nothing to do with it.”

Trump has described his opponent as a “puppet of the radical left,” whether on health, security or climate issues.

In a sharp exchange, the US President Biden asked, “Are you with law and order?” Accusing his opponent of relying on his “radical left” supporters.

Biden responded, “Law and order with justice,” avoiding the mistakes that some observers in his camp feared.

Biden focused his gaze more than once on the camera to ask Americans to go to the polls to avoid “an additional four years of lies.”

Throughout the debate, which lasted 90 minutes, Trump tried in vain to regain the initiative, interrupting “Joe” time and again, prompting the director of the seminar, Fox News journalist Chris Wallace, to ask him repeatedly to give way to Biden to speak.

“You are the worst president in the history of the United States,” he said.

“You’re not related to intelligence, Joe,” Trump said on the podium in Cleveland, Ohio, to the former vice president. 47 years old and did nothing ».

For his part, Trump said, “You wouldn’t do the work we have done.”

“I know what to do when the president has no plan,” Biden replied.

The debate took place in the presence of a limited audience, between first lady Melania Trump and Jill Biden, wife of the Democratic candidate.

Although its impact on elections remains limited, the debates often assume great importance in the election campaign since the first debate that took place 60 years ago in Chicago between John F. Kennedy and Richard Nixon, and two more debates are scheduled to take place on October 15 and 22, respectively, in Miami, Florida and Nashville. In Tennessee.

Republican Vice President Mike Pence will face Democrat vice presidential candidate Kamala Harris on October 7 in Salt Lake City, Utah.

“This debate will remain one of the worst debates in history,” University of Michigan professor and presidential debate specialist Aaron Cal told AFP.

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