“Try to become fond of the world” … Sisi’s first comment on the protest calls


11:13 AM

Sunday 27 September 2020

Books – Muhammad Nassar:

President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi affirmed that the state has the will to develop and improve the current conditions for the benefit of citizens.

Al-Sisi said, during the inauguration of the hydrocracking complex, in Mostorod, today, Sunday: This is the case, the pictures that you see, we fix it and not we fix it, we fix it .. Okay at the expense of the people and not at the expense of the state. They did not sit in the cam a week ago, those who have passed, fond of the world and exploit the difficult situations that we are working on.

And the president added: They choose difficult circumstances so that they will question the Egyptians about what we are doing and that this is against them and at their expense, no by God, this is a bet on you and we say that you are destined and you will bear, the people and the state are one need, no one will enter between us.

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