Turkey is facing a disaster … and the central bank hastens the “interest decision”


The increase is the first in two years after the lira reached a series of record lows against hard currencies over the past month.

وهوت lira More than 22 percent against the US currency since the beginning of the year, to be among the worst performing currencies in the world.

It also fell to a new record low against the European currency at 9 lira per euro, extending its losses this year to about 26 percent.

Reuters reported that the pound rose to 7.5600 against the dollar after the interest rates were announced, from about 7.71 before that.

Visual Turkish economy The series of continuous deterioration, in conjunction with the exposure of Turkish foreign policy to shocks in more than one file.

وتعيش Turkey A state of economic chaos as a result of the President’s intervention Recep Tayyip Erdogan Directly in Central bank strategy. According to economists.

Weimar Turkish economy In difficult circumstances, as it witnessed its first recession in 10 years in 2019, and the inflation rate reached 20 percent, while the Turkish lira lost about a third of its value against the dollar in 2018.


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