Two brothers torture their young brother to death and dump his body in the street in Menoufia (details)


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The city of Sars Al-Layyan in the Menoufia Governorate witnessed a heinous murder, where a worker and housewife “two brothers” tortured their young brother to death and threw his body in the street. The Criminal Investigation Department of the Menoufia Security Directorate, led by Brigadier Abdullah Jalal, Director of the Investigation, under the supervision of Major General Ahmed Farouk Al-Qarn, Director of Menoufia Security, who caught the accused

Brigadier General Abdullah Jalal, Director of the Investigation Department, had directed the formation of a criminal investigation team led by Major Ahmed Wasel, head of the investigations, and a number of officers of the investigations, to explain the circumstances of the finding of a child’s body lying in a street with signs of torture in the city, and the speed of arresting the perpetrators.

Investigations revealed that the main suspect, the victim’s brother, tortured him inside a store above the shoe store of the accused’s king, with the help of his sister, who used to live with the child in the city of Benha, who accused her younger brother of the victim of stealing money from her apartment, and the two brothers tied him, assaulted him and beat him in order to He instructed the location of the money, and during his beating and torture he died from the effects of torture, and after making sure of his death they threw him in the street.

And after codifying the procedures and obtaining the Public Prosecution’s permission to knock down the defendants, a force of the Investigation Department was able to arrest the accused and his sister to help him, in addition to two of their workers to help them get rid of the child’s body, and facing them with the charges against them, they confessed to committing the incident after they beat the child for stealing money from His sister.

The Director of Menoufia Security had received a notification from Brigadier General Abdullah Jalal, Director of the Menoufia Criminal Investigation Department, stating that 4 defendants, including two brothers, had been arrested, accused of killing the brother’s child because of their allegation that the victim had stolen money from his sister in the Sars Al-Layyan Police Department.

A report was issued on the incident in the Sars Al-Layyan Police Station Department in the Menoufia Security Directorate, and the presentation was underway to the Prosecutor’s Office to conduct the necessary investigations about the incident.

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