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First shot:

This naive girl, whose taxi driver escaped with her bag and has all her money in a strange city, does not have the price for dinner, and she does not know where and how she will spend her night ?! Yet she was not feeling the panic that should have gripped her at this moment. Negligence of boyhood, naivety of dreams, and her confidence that life will find a way out!

■ ■ ■

Second shot:

Belle entered the spacious suite in the palace of her lover, the Greek billionaire! Spacious hall! Upscale furniture! Psychological antiques! Shade plants everywhere coordinated in splendid harmony. Behind her, an entourage of maids awaits a look at her. On the dressing table, she found a precious necklace that her lover had given her.

Today she was one of the stars of European cinema, and no one would believe that she was the author of the first shot.

■ ■ ■

She is just a French village girl, God-given her naturally well. Her father took her to a merchant of lustful debt to work as a saleswoman in his shop with a few francs, and when he tried to kiss her, she rushed to her father, and he returned her to him! To relieve himself tonight. The next morning, she fled to Paris, where the taxi driver fled with her bag.

We are now in 1941, and the American pilots are on vacation in France. And this handsome officer who bumped into him and flirted with her, then took her home and slept with her. He was the first love of her life, and the first man to relate to. And the following days were all picnics and kisses! They pledged to marry the next holiday, and recommended that she buy the wedding dress and wait for it in a specific restaurant! Something that never happened, simply because it did not come.

■ ■ ■

Her confidence in his love was immeasurable, as was the habit of fools who had no experience in the world of men, so she thought him dead, and her heart was about to break with grief. Until his colleague the officer told her that he was a well-known womanizer and had a mistress in every city, and so hate inhabited her forever, mixed with love that she could not recover from.

She had to find sustenance for her day. She made her way through life as a model, then a film actress who knew how to attract directors with her body, to become one of the brightest and most famous movie stars in Europe.

■ ■ ■

She could move beyond the past and enjoy her present. And she was able to thank the fortunes that saved her from want! But she kept following his news throughout these years. When a woman mixes love with hatred and attention with hatred, and she is determined to avenge this moment that never disappeared her bitterness: How did she wear a white wedding dress for a deceptive lover!

At this moment, the pilot had forgotten everything about her! Even if he had seen her, he would not have known her. But she insisted that Wissal bring back the past, in a dangerous game that ended in their death.

■ ■ ■

And the lesson – for me – was never to try to stubbornness when it is cut or arrived. Choosing God – of course – is better than choosing!

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