Up to 8 hours .. We publish a map of drinking water interruptions in Cairo and


08:32 PM

Tuesday 29 September 2020

Books – Muhammad Abdel Nasser:

The Water Company in Cairo and Giza announced that service was cut off in several areas of the two governorates for varying periods due to power cuts, and the implementation of works to convert two drinking water lines.

Masrawy publishes a map of the regions in each governorate and the length of the cuts, which came as follows:

Cairo Governorate:

It included the water cut-off areas in Cairo (Sheraton – Mansheyet El Bakry – Almaza – Ard El Golf – Asma Fahmy – Artillery Buildings – some areas of Heliopolis – some areas of Zaytoun – some areas of Ain Shams – Al Waha – Km 4.5 – Saqr Quraish – the tenth district); Due to the power cut in Mostorod water station, in addition to changing one of the main valves in the station.


It included the water cut-off areas in Giza (Bulaq Al-Dakrour neighborhood – Ard Al-Liwaa) for a period of 8 hours, starting from 10 p.m. on Wednesday 9/30/2020 until 6 a.m. on Thursday, 1-10-2020; For the Greater Cairo Reconstruction Authority to implement the works of diverting two drinking water lines with diameters of 500 mm and 300 mm, which impede the work of implementing the axis of the Zomor Canal under the Nahia Bridge and connecting to a water line of 800 mm in diameter existing within the national projects currently being implemented in Giza Governorate.

The two companies called on the owners of bakeries and hospitals to provide for their water needs during the aforementioned period. Drinking water cars are also being arranged in the affected areas. If requested, please call the hotline 125 from the landline phone.

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