Urgent warning to these people … You are at risk of heart attacks


A new study aroused astonishment for anyone who reads or hears about it, as it calls for the accumulation of fats in the human section, which will benefit him, and it is strange that all researchers and doctors call for melting body fat to enjoy a better health condition, and this study also agreed with them, but it calls for the accumulation of fat in the human legs and not in Any other area, meaning that you have to exercise and follow a diet to lose weight and fat, but try to keep the fat on the legs.

The study confirmed that people with fat around the legs, those with fat legs, are less likely to suffer from high blood pressure and have heart attacks and vice versa, as those with thin fats are at risk of heart attacks, according to an experiment conducted on 6000 people and proved the validity of the hypothesis of the study.

The study was conducted by researchers at the New Jersey Medical College in Newark and analyzed 6,000 people, a variety of females and men, with an average age of 37 years.

There are some limitations that may have affected the results. Namely: They were unable to determine the cause and effects, and that they are

They will need a larger group of participants.

And they added, I mention that all of the participants were under the age of sixty, and that the results may not apply to the elderly who are more vulnerable to infection

High blood pressure.


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