Vacsera: The first volunteer to measure the efficacy of the Corona vaccine after 45 days of dosing


Dr. Heba Wali, Chairman of the Holding Company for Serum and Vaccine, Vacsera said that the first volunteer will be subject to a measure of the effectiveness of the Corona vaccine 45 days after obtaining the zero dose by measuring the efficiency of antibodies in the blood.

Dr. Heba Wali, Chairman of the Holding Company for Serum and Vaccine, “Vacsera” added in statements to “The Seventh Day” that the vaccine is safe and has absolutely no harm, and there is health follow-up, and she called everyone to volunteer to participate in the experiment.

The experiment begins with recording the personal and health data in a possible way and then receives the volunteer file, which contains all the medical data as well as a form for consent to his informed participation, then enters the consultation room in which all the information related to the clinical study and its requirements will be clarified and the volunteer signs a form (for informed consent) If he agrees to participate, after a session with a trained specialist to inform him of all the information.

It is reported that there is an examination clinic, in which the volunteer is examined and all vital functions are recorded, and within which it is ensured that his health and personal compatibility with all participation requirements is made.

There are also rooms dedicated to taking blood samples to study his current immune status before conducting the study, which is compared to his condition after the study is conducted, and a swab is taken pcr To make sure that he is not infected with the virus, and then he is given the first dose of the vaccine with the escort of a specialist, then he is transferred to the observation room where the volunteer is observed for 30 minutes before leaving after being checked on him and informed of the follow-up dates, and the volunteer is followed up through a follow-up card containing the dates of visits to the center And the phone number that the volunteer will communicate with.


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