Venice decorated to receive the oldest film festival in the world .. Photo album


The city of Venice is decorated in Italy to organize the oldest film festival in the world, after easing the restrictions of the Corona pandemic, as many film festivals in the world were canceled due to Corona, including the ancient French Cannes Festival, but Venice chose to keep its festival while having to take precautionary measures such as reducing the number Films shown and audiences control.

And working on the presence of thermal gates for sterilization in all entrances and will prevent anyone whose body temperature exceeds 37.5 degrees Celsius from participating with reducing the number of seats in the galleries to maintain the distance between the attendees and putting masks.

The festival intends to organize a program on a limited scale for its version this year, largely due to the impact of the Coronavirus outbreak on the cinema sector.
In light of the postponement of many festivals due to the Corona virus, and the ban on American travel to Europe, it is expected that the festival will face difficulty in attracting Hollywood stars.

The festival will offer 60 long films in 5 categories and 15 short films, as well as a television series, according to the organizers.

The jury awarding the Golden Lion was chaired by Australian actress Cate Blanchett.
The Golden Lion Award for the entirety of the career will be awarded to British actress Tilda Swinton and director Anne Hui from Hong Kong.


Venice to host the world’s first film festival since the coronavirus outbreak


The crowd flocked to the Venice to see the final preparations before the festival began


St. Mark’s Square prepares to receive the Venice Festival


A cafe in St. Mark’s Square


Tourists walking near a gondola station


St. Mark’s Square


Life returns to Venice and a remarkable visitor presence


Saint Mark’s Square in Italy


St. Mark’s Square in Venice before and after the pandemic


A collage of the closing and opening of a restaurant in the Venice region


An image simulating the time of Corona in the Venetian area sterilization, when the facilities were closed


Movement returns to the Venice region after months of closure


A picture that simulates the return of life to the streets of Venice


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