Video .. “A disaster in New Cairo” .. A man insults the display of 3 children in broad daylight


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Child molestation

The series of sexual assaults on children is still frequent, and in a new episode, a video circulating on the social networking site “Facebook” revealed that a man lured 3 children aged from 5 to 8 years old.

And the video clip noted that the man detained one of the children inside his car, to assault him, as he showed part of his body before entering the car with the child, while the child’s friends were moving next to the car to complete their play.

The video, as stated on its published pages, was filmed by a surveillance camera in one of the villas located in a street in the Yasmine 6 district in New Cairo.

The “Facebook” pioneers interacted on the video clip, with angry expressions, demanding that he be arrested quickly, by informing the National Council for Childhood, and some of them were amazed at the children’s reaction, saying: “I am not really absorbing … I mean the boy is normal like that and is silent and he adjusts his life, as if he is used to it.” On this matter, “I reached the news sites that I have, because of course it will deliver it to some need, and I sold it to the National Council for Childhood.”

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