Video Exclusive – Jihan Qamari: I refused to be seen as a seduction actress only, and I chose Karim Abdel Aziz and Asir Yassin


The Lebanese Egyptian actress replacedJihan QamariA guest on the “Stars of Art” program, prepared and presented by Editor in Chief Hala Al-Murr.
Jihan said she would love to present a duet with the Egyptian actorKarim AbdulazizOr, the Egyptian actorAsir YassinYou feel that he is very similar to the late Egyptian actorAhmed ZakiHis performance, and how each role is embodied.
Jihan talked about her roles, and the diversity she presented in the works that she participated in, and said that she was seen as a seduction actress, but she did not want to be placed in this box only because it is possible to present all the roles, and therefore she refused many works in order not to fall into This problem, she said, suffered from depression after the series “The Great House”.
Jihan talked about her acting with the leaderAdel EmamIn the movie “The Yacoubian Building”, and about the famous sentence he said to her that he “cut you off Boss”, and what did she say about the cooperation between them? Why did you not continue watching the latest Adel Imam series? Jihan also talked about her cooperation with the late actorNour El-SherifAnd about his personality in the scenes.
On the other hand, Jihan said that in the series “Qassirat” and the series “The Great House”, she gave up the beauty of her external appearance, and focused on her performance of what the role requires, adding that the idea of ​​the series “Qassirat” did not reach the community, but the issue of the series “The Choice” reached People and Viewers. Jihan wished that the Egyptian president would comeAbdel Fattah SisiHe rules Lebanon for three months, for several reasons.


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