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Life for the Chinese has returned to normal in Wuhan, which was the epicenter of the spread of Covid-19 disease at the end of last year.

And an AFP video showed an influx of people walking around the city streets, where most of them wore masks, at a time when China expects by the end of this year to produce 610 million doses of various vaccines against Covid-19 annually, according to health officials in this country, who confirmed that their country It is the leader in this field.

In China, too, crowds of people rushed to the Beijing International Auto Show, which is the only international event in the sector this year, while car manufacturers are seeking to attract customers again despite the Corona crisis.

On the other hand, the World Health Organization fears that the Covid-19 epidemic will cause the death of two million people, if countries do not do what is necessary to curb its spread, while calls for a fair distribution of future vaccines increase.

The epidemic killed more than a million people out of more than 32 million infections, including seven million in the United States alone. Also, the world’s economies have been plunged into an unprecedented recession and the organizers of major cultural and sporting events have been forced to cancel or delay them.

‘Reasonable hypothesis’

In response to a question in Geneva about the possibility that the final number of deaths from Covid-19 will reach two million people, a World Health Organization official considered the hypothesis reasonable.

“Unless we make every effort, the numbers you are talking about will not be mere visualizations but, unfortunately, unfortunately very possible,” said Michael Ryan, director of the organization’s emergency program.

In an attempt to avoid this, a feverish race has begun for vaccines, which on the one hand includes reaching a vaccine against the virus, and ensuring that every country gets enough doses of it.

On Friday, Australia added its voice to the voices of Latin America, to demand before the United Nations General Assembly, held by video, to enable all countries to obtain vaccines against the Covid-19 epidemic when they are produced in the future, while the United States, Europe and Japan have previously guaranteed more than half of the doses that may be It will be available in the first stage.

Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison said: “When it comes to the vaccine, Australias position is very clear: It is imperative that any party that reaches it share it,” stressing that “it is a global responsibility and a moral responsibility,” according to “Euronews”.

Meanwhile, Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi Il affirmed yesterday, Saturday, to the United Nations, that his country, which is one of the largest vaccine manufacturers in the world, will use all its resources in fighting the epidemic “for the sake of all humanity.”

Modi said, “Indias production of vaccines and its delivery capabilities will be used to help humanity fight this crisis,” adding that his country will also help countries “improve their cold chain and storage capabilities in order to deliver vaccines.”


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