Washington disclaims $ 80 million to WHO: We will not pay


The United States intends to leave the Geneva-based health organization on July 6, 2021, after President Donald Trump accused it during the outbreak of the Corona pandemic that it had become a “puppet of China,” while the organization rejected the accusations.

On Thursday, a WHO spokeswoman said in an e-mail response to a request for comment: “Please see our previous statements in which we expressed regret over the US decision to withdraw. We are waiting for any new details, and we will consider them carefully.”

Trump was required by a joint resolution of the US Congress in 1948, to inform the United States of withdrawing from the World Health Organization a year before the scheduled date, and he is required to pay Washington’s obligations to the organization in the current fiscal year.

The United States currently owes the WHO about $ 18 million for fiscal year 2019, and about $ 62 million for fiscal year 2020, said Narissa Cook, deputy assistant secretary of state for international organizations.

She added, “These two amounts will go to the United Nations instead.”

Lawrence Justin, a professor at Georgetown Law Center in Washington, DC, wrote on Twitter that directing the World Health Organization funds to another destination was “absolutely unethical and illegal.”

He said that the United States must fulfill all of its financial obligations, adding: “Trump is acting alone without Congress and in violation of the law.”


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