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An Afghan company is trying to open a new car market in the country by producing a fleet of around 200 hybrid cars powered by solar energy and clean energy sources.

A company spokesman, Amin Noor, said that the country relies heavily on imported Japanese and Canadian models that operate on clean energy and are mostly used, so there is an attempt to open a new market in Afghanistan.

The company spokesman says that about 60-80% of the parts used in the car were produced locally and took about three years to produce, while the rest of the parts, including the engine and tires, still come from China and India.

The fleet consists of about 30 cars powered by fully solar batteries, the remaining cars are hybrids that rely on alternative fuel sources, and cars running on gasoline and solar energy together.

The price of one vehicle ranges from 1200 to about 2500 dollars.

The company is currently discussing selling about 30 cars to the Afghan Presidential Palace, in the hope of linking the sale to other Afghan government ministries before putting them on the market, according to “Euronews”.



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