Watch Al-Ahly and Al-Tarsana match broadcast live today 09/30-2020 Egypt Cup


Books – Mahmoud Muhammad:

Al-Ahly and Al-Arsenal teams face today, in the Egypt Cup 2020, the Red Genie shows a performance not befitting him in his last meetings, and in his last league matches he succeeded in achieving a victory over Tanta with a clean goal without a response, and he hopes today to achieve a positive result in a new tournament in the Egypt Cup, Which will be in front of the arsenal within the activities of the 16th round, where the Red Devils succeeded in achieving a victory over the Beni Suef team with a score of three goals against a goal, and today it is seeking to achieve another consecutive positive result to ensure that it remains in the cup and crowned it with this version, and we are in the Gul Al Arab website publishing to you Watch the Al-Ahly and Arsenal match today.

On the other hand, the arsenal, despite his wide divergence, will try to do his best to achieve a new championship for him, but he will face a large team the size of Al-Ahly club today and the confrontation will be difficult and strong, but he will make every effort to get out of the match with a victory that guarantees his presence in the Cup Egypt this version.

Watch Al-Ahly and Arsenal match

  • Both sides of the meeting: Al-Ahly and Al-Arsenal.
  • The occasion of the meeting: Egypt Cup.
  • Time: 8:00 Cairo local time.
  • Channel: Ontime Sport 1.
  • Commentator: Ayman Al-Kashef.

All fans of the Gulf Arab sports news site, we will transmit to you the live broadcast, a link to watch the Al-Ahly and Arsenal match via the Gulf Arab League in a meeting today, Wednesday, 30 September 2020, in a confrontation that is expected to start at 9:00 Mecca time, 8:00 Cairo time On the Ontime Sport 1 channel, with the comment of Ayman Al-Kashef via the first audio and Moamen Hassan on the second audio.

Al-Ahly’s squad against Al-Tarsana club, shortly after in the cup, are both: Mustafa Schubert in guarding the goalkeeper, and in front of him in defense are: Ahmed Fathi, Yasser Ibrahim, Hamdi Fathy and Mahmoud Wahid, and in the middle are: Aliu Dieng and Muhammad Magdi Afsha, and in the attack both : Junior Ajay, Hussein El Shahat, Marwan Mohsen and Ali Badji.

The Egyptian club Al-Ahly clash with its counterpart Al-Tersana club kicks off less than an hour from now in the cup.

Al-Ahly club, with its young and reserve members, which are being prepared for Africa, aspires to overthrow the ancient club, so will it succeed in defeating it without obstacles and ease, or will Al-Tarsana club have an opportunity to obstruct Al-Ahly’s victories and embarrass it in the latest confrontations with Fyler and Al-Ahmar, according to what is the latest news.

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