Watch .. Esna Hospital in Luxor before and after entering the comprehensive health insurance system


The state, represented by the Ministry of Health, is making great efforts to develop and raise the efficiency of government hospitals within the framework of the political leadership’s directive to provide high-quality health services to the citizen within the comprehensive health insurance system.

Esna Hospital Luxor (1)

The state is currently developing hospitals in Luxor governorate due to the approaching entry into the comprehensive health insurance system, which provides health services according to the highest quality standards. To fall and lacks the services that citizens need.

Esna Hospital Luxor (2)

It is noteworthy that the cost of construction and equipment for the hospital amounted to 475 million pounds, and it serves 450 thousand citizens, and was built according to international standards and international codes for building hospitals, and the hospital consists of a ground building and 6 recurring floors, and includes 155 accommodation beds, and contains 15 outpatient clinics and 5 laboratories, And a radiology department, a pharmacy, 4 operating rooms, a catheter department, 27 intensive care beds, and 13 nurseries.

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The hospital includes all medical specialties, and has been designed in a world-class style comparable to advanced hospitals in European countries to include all specialties, as the hospital contains the latest cardiac catheterization device in the world, a unit of endoscopes for the digestive system, 7 modern and very advanced operating rooms, as well as rest rooms for doctors, nurses and workers, And a large laundromat and incinerator to complete the medical services, providing a number of radiology devices such as resonance, sectional and other, 155 beds for patients with various services, 29 general and surgical intensive care beds, 25 dialysis machines, 13 nurseries, 4 child care rooms, and a radiology department with magnetic resonance, CT and rays. X-rays, dye rays, sonar rays, normal and TV rays, breasts, mammograms, endoscopy section, laboratory analysis, obstetrics and gynecology department, dental department, blood bank, complete physiotherapy department, 7 wound intensive care rooms, 22 cardiac intensive care, and 12 neonatal intensive care beds Childbirth, 7 beds for recovery, 21 renal dialysis beds, 17 outpatient clinics, 5 laboratories, a pharmacy, a reception and emergency department, with 4 cardiac and pulmonary resuscitation beds, 6 notes, 3 triage, and an isolation room. Operating rooms reception, and a break for expatriate consultant professors in the hospital.

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