Watch .. Fahriya Avgen and Burak Ozjevit play with their son in a funny way


Turkish artist Burak Ozjevit shared a comedic video that he collected with his wife, artist Fahriya Avgen and their son “Karan,” and he appeared in the garden of his house playing with his wife and their son and they were all jumping. Other.

Video Fahriya Avgen and Burak Ozjevit play with their son in a funny way

It is also worth noting that Burak Ozjevit celebrated his marriage to Fahriya in June 2017, in a ceremony that was held in a palace overlooking the Bosphorus, which was attended by more than 500 people who are close friends and family.

Also that their love story began during the filming of the series “The Wren Bird” which was dubbed and known in the Arab world as “The Love Bird”, and also their love story moved and appeared on the screens and was translated into reality by marrying them, and their marriage was announced, which is one of the things The cute that appeared and loved her by a lot of followers, who were permanently present in all different parts.

It is also mentioned that Burak is currently busy filming the series “The Resurrection of Osman”, which is considered a continuation of the successful Turkish series “The Resurrection of Artgrel”, and its events revolve around the life story of “Osman Ghazi”, son of “Artgrel”, who is the founder of the Ottoman state, and is considered one of the series that took place. It is widely watched, among other Turkish series.


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