Watch .. Laila Elwi clothes exposed to criticism from the audience


The Egyptian actress, Laila Elwi, was criticized by followers for her appearance in white, despite the praise of a number of artists, including Kinda Alloush, Samira Said and Mona Zaki.

The appearance of Laila Elwi came through her account in “Instagram”, announcing the surrender of her soul and body to that nature so that she could enjoy the free blessings between the air, greenery and water. Alawi was barefoot, describing her appearance in nature as one of the pleasures of her life and part of her psychological comfort.

The Egyptian actress confirmed that she was thus getting rid of the negative energy, calling on the public to wear white.

And it was mentioned in the comments of the observers: “The poses are not appropriate for her age, and the dress was wearing a veil without my inner body fails.” A similar one has all their minds smaller in God. This is a dress that suits her, and “the trend in switching over what is known,” and “Whatever grows up, they will lose their hair.”


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