Watch out … signs on the fingers indicate lung cancer


Experts at the British National Health Authority issued a warning that the condition of the fingers and nails could indicate lung cancer.

According to the British newspaper “Express”, lung cancer is one of the most dangerous types of cancer because it is difficult to detect in its early stages.

Symptoms of the disease come late, including coughing, chest pain, spotting and wheezing, and doctors urged people to be more alert to their bodies and spoke of an unusual sign of a malignant lung tumor.

The disease produces hormone-like chemicals that cause more blood and fluid to rush to the extremities, and especially to the tissues at the fingertips. This can lead to enlarged or thickened fingers.

The experts explained: “It is possible to determine the development of lung cancer through the altered state of the fingers. One of its symptoms is swelling and thickening of the fingertips.

The condition of the nails can also be a sign of disease, with the skin being highly shiny near them. In addition, a swelling forms on the nail itself that was not previously present.

Doctors stressed that these symptoms do not always indicate lung cancer, and sometimes they indicate chronic lung infections or heart disease.


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