Watch pictures, Mona Zaki, can she retire from art and devote herself to her children’s schools? Madam


The complaints of the stars of art began with the pressures of the beginning of the school year, and the star revealed Mona Zaki About her need to quit art and devote herself completely to reading the e-mail received from her children’s school administrations.

Mona Zaki
Mona Zaki finished her summer vacation early to start the school year for her children

Mona posted on her Instagram account a complaint by a woman who says: I need to resign from my work, so that I can read the e-mail from my children’s schools, it takes full time to devote myself to.

Mona Zaki
Mona Zaki is the first star to reveal the pressures of the new school year

And commented on it through the Astouri property, saying: that a friend saw the complaint and said that she reflects the condition of Mona Zaki now, and this is true.

Mona Zaki called the summer vacation with a daring photo session

It is noteworthy that Mona Zaki called the summer vacation early to join her children’s schools, and she underwent a very bold filming session for one of the famous fashion brands, and filmed in natural places to spend her vacation on the northern coast in Egypt.

Mona Zaki
Mona Zaki underwent a daring photo session at the end of the summer vacation

Mona posted the video clip on her Instagram account as if it was just a farewell to the summer vacation, and only commented that she enjoyed the photo session that combined the sea with elegance, but the official account of the fashion brand put a long comment in which he confirmed that when they thought about documenting the elegance of Summer 2020, they noticed that they are in front of An event that history will not forget, as fun and elegance are mixed with the desire to overcome the sorrows and pain of the sanitary isolation that the world endured as a result of the spread of the Corona virus.

The brand described the summer of 2020 as historic, and said in a comment on the video: Summer has begun as if the time of fun is in limbo and man does not know the way to it, yet the summer vacation passed without worries and sorrows, and it gave us a boost of hope for the future.

Mona Zaki is a symbol of freedom and fun

And she continued, saying: We searched for a symbol of freedom and fun that expresses this historic summer, and we only found the pearl of Arab drama and the silver screen icon, the living legend Mona Zaki, and we photographed it in the northern coast and left her free to choose what she sees from the designs that express it.

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