Watch .. the first picture of “Zina Makki” from her wedding


Lebanese actress Zeina Makki published a spontaneous photo of her in the wedding dress with her husband, Lebanese artist Nabil Khoury, from their wedding ceremony, on her own account on a social networking site.
Zeinas appearance in the white dress looked distinctive, and she received a large number of congratulations from followers and her fellow actors, including Rita Hayek, Nicolas Moawad, Jerry Ghazal, Jesse Abdo, Sarah Abi Kanaan, Wissam Sabbagh, and many others.
Zeina Makki announced her recent marriage to the Lebanese artist Nabil Khoury, in a distinctive and remarkable way, as she surprised the audience and published the advertisement for a song entitled “Ahead of Time” lyrics and composed by Nabil Khoury and directed by Zeina Makki, who participated in the acting in the clip, announced her marriage, and then published The song clip.


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