Watch … the Liverpool star punches the Arsenal defender in front of the referee’s eyes


Watch .. The Liverpool star punches the Arsenal defender in front of the referee's eyes


Senegalese Sadio Mane grabbed the limelight with his performance and was also punched by a defender during the match in which his team, Liverpool, beat Arsenal 3-1 in the summit of the third stage of the English Premier League.

Mane gave a great performance and contributed to the victory of his team by scoring the first goal, and the Senegalese international also escaped from expulsion after violently interfering with the right of the Scottish left back for Arsenal, Kieran Tierney.

Social media leaders broadcast a video showing Mane and Terni racing to get the ball in the third minute of the match, but the Senegalese star managed to get it after punching his Scottish opponent in a strange shot.

Although this shot was before the eyes of the assistant referee and the referees of the video “Far”, the main referee was kind to Mani, as he was satisfied with giving him only a yellow card.

Liverpool continued the campaign to defend its title in the English Premier League, after winning its third in a row in the first three rounds.

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