Watch the video Nelly Karim advises three stars to go to a psychiatrist because they are “complicated”, my lady


She faced the Egyptian star Nelly Karim Troubled nervously, the provocations of the new stars of the programQada menThey are Qais Sheikh Najeeb, Khaled Salim, and Nicholas Moawad, and she advised them all to go to a psychiatrist as soon as possible because they are complicated against women.

Qada men
Qais Sheikh Najib, Khaled Selim, and Nicola Moawad tried to provoke Nelly Karim

Nelly Karim revealed the teaser for her episode in the program scheduled to be shown on Saturday, October 3, and appeared calm in front of the three stars Qais Sheikh Najeeb, Khaled Selim and Nicholas Moawad, but she harshly insulted Qais Al-Sheikh, who tried to convince her that the man’s material exploitation of women has become normal, and she described it as a “stubborn one.” “It is a harsh word for men from the Egyptian colloquial.

Nelly did not have mercy on Nicholas Moawad when he was exposed to the phenomenon of spinsterhood and the exaggeration of some girls in their marriage requests, although the marriage train missed them. ? “

And after the Egyptian star Khaled Selim joined to provoke Nelly Karim, she described them all as complicated and they must go to a psychiatrist.

Nelly Karim
Nelly Karim refuses to take advantage of women financially by men

The program “Qada Rajalah” is the first original productions of OSNIts first and second parts received more than 60 million views.

Nelly Karim
Nelly Karim justifies the phenomenon of spinsterhood by not having a real man

The third season was launched with 3 new hosts, Qais Sheikh Najib, Nigola Moawad, and Khaled Selim, directed by Haitham Ezzo and produced by Sally Wali SproductionsIn each episode, they will host one of the stars of the first row in a dramatic and sometimes disturbing manner, through which they present masculine views on various issues to obtain spontaneous and bold reactions, most of the time, from the guests.

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