Watch with pictures the truth about the death of the singer Mustafa Qamar today, my lady


The rumor of the star’s death set off at dawn today Mostafa Amar After an emergency health crisis, which prompted his business manager Ali Rashad to issue an urgent statement, stressing that Qamar is fine, and there is no truth to all reports about his exposure to a health crisis or his death, and he called for an end to the phenomenon of spreading rumors of the death of stars via social media in search of excitement and increasing the number of followers .

Mostafa Amar
Rumors of death haunt Mustafa Qamar

Rashad posted a picture that he collected with Mustafa Qamar and his brother Hamada, through his Facebook account, and commented on it, saying: God suffices and yes, the agent .. among people who spread rumors, I don’t understand what benefit they are due to, but they cause psychological harm and concern to the family, friends and fans of the artist Mustafa Qamar, may God heal your sick souls. I wanted to reassure everyone who had common connections and spoke to me .. The shower is fine, praise be to God.

Mostafa Amar
Deny the rumor of Mustafa Qamar’s death

It is noteworthy that Mostafa Amar has toured a number of Egyptian governorates, to participate in some special celebrations with the help of those who are unable, and recently released his latest album, “To Whom It May Concern 2”.

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