We are ready for the second wave of Corona … and we are still inside the first


Dr. Mohamed Awad Taj El-Din, Advisor to the President of the Republic for Health Affairs, said that the plan to combat the Corona virus in Egypt began before the emergence of the virus in Egypt, and proactive precautionary measures were taken that protected a large number of Egyptians from infection.

“Tajuddin” added, during a telephone conversation with journalist Ahmed Moussa on the “On My Responsibility” program, broadcast on the “Sada Al Balad” satellite channel, today, Saturday, that despite some negatives in the infrastructure of the health system, and the lack of some supplies; But it contributed to combating, treating and isolating the infected cases, stressing the need to continue with the same force in anticipation, surveillance and precaution against the Corona virus, as there are still cases of Corona virus in Egypt.

The advisor to the President of the Republic for Health Affairs confirmed that caution and fear do not confirm the existence of a second wave of the Corona virus, adding: “The first wave has not ended and we are still present inside it, explaining that the state has preparations to confront any second wave of the Corona virus, stressing that we have previous experiences with any A new wave of Coronavirus, and there is a plan in place to protect school and university students with the entry of the new school year, stressing the need to adhere to the precautionary measures.


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