Weiler: I have the right to see my family, and I do not turn to rumors


Rene Fyler, coach of the first team at Al-Ahly club, confirmed that he does not heed the rumors and what is said about his future with the red genie, at the present time.

“I focus only on the matches, and on each match separately,” Fyler said during his statements at the press conference after the end of the FC Egypt match.

In his statements, the Swiss coach added, “I have the right to see my family and my family, especially in light of the current outbreak of the new Corona virus.”

“There are many rumors spreading here, and I do not like to be a party to them, I am focusing on the ball only, and on the matches,” Fyler continued.

About his contract with Al-Ahly club, Fyler said: “I cannot talk about the terms of my contract with Al-Ahly, I do not like to talk much, and these matters are internal, and it is between me and the club management only.”

The media, Ahmed Schubert, had confirmed that Al-Ahly’s management had called on Fyler to resolve his position at the present time, as the final position of the Swiss coach is expected to be announced tomorrow, Thursday, at the latest.


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