Were you watching another match ?! Hassan Almastawi


Posted on: Tuesday 29 September 2020 – 9:40 PM | Last update: Tuesday 29 September 2020 – 9:40 PM

** Like a storm in the sea of ​​Liverpool playing half an hour of its best game in years, against Arsenal, during which the team gave a lesson in the amazing “counter or counterpressure” or the so-called Jurgen Klopp’s Jegen Pressing style. The opponent is in his area very quickly, to prevent him from passing, and thus Liverpool extracts the ball quickly, and this is not only an offensive form, but it is very defensive, depriving the opponent of owning the ball, and as is his habit, Juergen Klopp played in the basic formation or with his traditional striking power Salah, Firmino, Mani, Keita, Valendum, Fabinho, Van Dyck and Gomez . The attacking fullbacks were played by Alexander Arnold and Robertson. No team is able to press five players on the opponent in the penalty area box as Liverpool did in the first half hour of that match .. I can only find this description of that period of time: “Pressure, pressure, pressure, attack, attack, attack, fast, Fast, fast!
** The result is what the match witnessed in terms of time shifting with Arsenal’s lead with a goal that changed after 3 minutes. The meeting ended with Liverpool winning 3/1, with the ingenuity of changing Al-Ratem, sometimes with calm and then quickly pouncing at other times. It is the premier league. The strongest league in the world. With his prolific results and goals, and his crazy matches. Overzealous and noisy. At Anfield, Liverpool stand up when they want, and attack fiercely when they want. Despite Arsenal’s friendliness. The green playground looked like a theater for red dolls, moving and playing with joy and joy, speed and anger as well. Salah practices glimpses of playing with his skill of controlling the ball and passing. While Firmino and Sadio Mane sneak into Arsenal’s box, in the middle of the crowd, as if each of them is a cat chasing another ping pong ball, as the Guardian said in its reading of the match .. What an analogy!
** Another story in the match is in the background. Roy Kane, a former Manchester United star and Sky Sports analyst, described Liverpool’s performance as bad. As he saw that the team did not play well, and was characterized by some slow performance, and in a televised interview after the match, Juergen Klopp responded and said: “Have you heard well?” Mr. Kane said we performed poorly tonight? I can hear you already, did he say that? ”
Are you saying this was a poor performance tonight? “I am not sure if I heard it correctly. He may be talking about another match because he cannot refer to that match. Sorry, this is an unbelievable description of that match.”
Juergen Klopp added: “There was nothing bad, nothing at all. We dominated the match from the very first moment against a team that relied heavily on counter-attack.”
** Juergen Klopp’s response pushed Roy Kean back, smoothing the atmosphere by saying: “I said there were bad moments in the match, but I think you were great. I only gave you praise. I’m not sure you heard me correctly, you need to hear the rest of the words?” ! ».
** The argument ended, by telling Kane that Liverpool is capable of preserving the title, but I think that the analyst, the writer, and everyone who confronts to express a technical opinion on the performance of a team must think about what he says before he utters it, and to see the match with the utmost impartiality, and see its various aspects with utmost depth And to see the winner and see the loser, and how did both of them play ?!


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