What causes a lack of oxygen in the blood?


Low levels of oxygen in the blood are called hypoxaemia, and low levels of oxygen in your tissues are called hypoxia, and hypoxia in the blood occurs when the levels of oxygen in the blood are lower than normal. If the levels of oxygen in the blood are too low, your body may not function properly..

According to what the site said clevelandclinic There are some health problems that cause hypoxemia, and a variety of conditions can interfere with the body’s ability to deliver normal levels of oxygen to the blood.Some of the most common causes of hypoxemia include the following::

1: Heart disease, including heart defects.

2: Lung diseases such as asthma, emphysema, and bronchitis.

3: Sites of higher altitudes, where there is less oxygen in the air.

4: Strong pain relievers or other problems slow down breathing.

5: Sleep apnea (impaired breathing during sleep).

6: Inflammation or scarring of lung tissue (as in pulmonary fibrosis).

What are the symptoms of hypoxemia?

Symptoms of hypoxia in the blood vary according to the severity of the condition and include (headache, shortness of breath, rapid heart rate, coughing and wheezing, changing the color of the skin to blue).

To diagnose hypoxia in the blood, your doctor will perform a physical exam to listen to your heart and lungs. Abnormalities in these organs could be a sign of low oxygen in the blood. Your doctor may also check to see if your skin, lips, or fingernails tend to be bluish .

Doctors use the tests to check your oxygen levels, including::

1: Pulse oximetry: A sensor sliding over your finger measures the amount of oxygen in your blood, the pulse oximeter is painless and noninvasive. Many doctors routinely use it every time you visit.

2: Arterial blood gas test: A needle is used to take a blood sample from an artery to measure oxygen levels in the blood.

3: Other breathing tests: These may involve breathing into tubes connected to computers or other devices.


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