What do tea and coffee do to the body when they are consumed? .. Health answers


The Ministry of Health revealed what it does to drink tea and coffee in the body, confirming that drinking coffee or tea helps attention and focus due to the caffeine present in them, and continued excessive consumption of high-caffeinated drinks that causes stress and anxiety, and added that a cup or two of coffee or tea per day is sufficient.

And the Ministry of Health and Citizen Population warned against excessive intake of medicines and vitamins without medical supervision, with the aim of preventing infection with the emerging corona virus, as this poses a danger and great harm to human health.

She explained that taking medicines and vitamins must be under medical supervision and for specific periods of time, stressing that excessive intake of these vitamins may lead to an increase in salt deposits on the kidneys and in the body in general, and it may also reduce the effectiveness of these medicines and their effect on the body in The case for use when infected with the emerging corona virus.

She indicated that attention must be paid to proper and balanced nutrition for all family members, and daily intake of vitamins and minerals in diets to promote health and raise immunity, which obviates the purchase and consumption of drug sources in the form of tablets, as this helps stimulate and strengthen the immune system and gives the body the ability to resist Diseases and ensures the maintenance of good health.

She added that you must be careful to eat protein in the diet such as meat, poultry, fish and eggs. Protein can also be consumed from plant sources such as beans, lentils, “kidney beans” and dry beans, in addition to taking care of eating grains such as rice, pasta, bread, balila, oats, or Freak.


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