What does Family Setup mean for Apple Watch?


The latest versions of the Apple smartwatch provided a feature known as Family Setup or Family Settings, which allows users to set up any number of Apple smart watches from one iPhone, even if the person who owns this smartwatch does not own an iPhone, which is considered a particularly useful feature. When setting up watches for children who do not own an iPhone.

–  ميزة Family Setup

This feature is very useful as it makes it easy to set up the Apple Watch for family members, even if a family member uses a phone running the Android operating system, or if one of your children has an Apple Watch but uses an old iPhone that is incompatible with it or does not even own a phone at all.

Who supports this feature:

The Family Setup feature works with versions of the Apple Watch that support cellular connectivity, especially the fourth-generation Apple Watch version and later, and this includes the new Apple Watch SE, in addition to that the Apple Watch must work with the watchOS 7 operating system version.


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