What does Quick Resume feature on Xbox Series X?


The new Xbox game consoles, known as Series X, provide the Quick Resume feature, which allows users to switch between more than one game at the same time, a feature that allows users to switch between a group of different games at the same time, which may be useful to many users.

Quick Resume feature

Xbox Series X provides the Quick Resume feature, which uses an SSD to enable you to quickly switch between more than one game at the same time, but you can do this, as it allows you to continue playing from any point you left your game, thanks to the large storage capacity of the platform.

According to reports, it is possible to move between games and some of them within five seconds only, but an update can be made to the platform, while the players will find themselves continuing to play from the same point at which they stopped, but there are some games that still do not support the feature yet, including participatory games, but This is intuitive due to the changes that take place in real time.

Earlier this month, Microsoft revealed a new Xbox Series S game device, which comes under the name Xbox Series S, without providing us with many details about the device, while the company revealed that its Xbox Series S will sell for $ 299, and it will come in a smaller size than the most powerful. The best is the Xbox Series X and the most expensive, which sells for $ 499.

With regard to the specifications, in addition to the small size of the new device, which the company says is the smallest Xbox so far, it is also distinguished by its reliance only on digital versions of games as it does not contain a CD player, and the new device will consume less graphics processing power and therefore its quality will not be Same as on Xbox Series X.


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