What happens in one minute on the Internet in 2020? … Video


A lot of things can happen in one minute, and perhaps the year 2020 has witnessed many events that made this world change drastically. COVID-19 It affected our lives in a never unexpected way, many aspects of life have moved to the Internet, and the following are the most prominent things that happen within a minute on the Internet in 2020

Netflix: Up to 404,444 hours of videos are streamed by users every minute.

TikTok: The app downloads about 2704 times every minute.

Amazon: Approximately 6659 charges are shipped every minute.

– zoom: 208,333 participants are logged into video chats.

Twitter: About 319 new users gain every minute.

YouTube: About 500 hours of videos are uploaded by users.

Instagram: 347222 stories posted

WhatsApp: Up to 41.7 million messages sent.

Spotify: 28 audio clips are added.


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