What happens to the body when sleeping on the left side?


The chief independent cardiologist of the Russian Ministry of Health confirmed that there is no data on diseases due to the sleeping position.

Yevgeny Shlekhto, chief independent cardiologist at the Russian Health Ministry, said that sleeping on the left side does not harm the health of the heart, it is a matter of habit, according to “Sputnik”.

He said in response to a question from viewers within the framework of the All-Russian campaign “Health Week”: “There are no such data about the risks of sleeping on the left side, this is a matter of everyone’s habit of sleeping, one person on the left side, and another person on the right side.” There are no such statistics, nor are there such data.

It was noteworthy that earlier, a number of scientists argued that some sleeping positions could cause health problems. Chinese scientists confirmed that the habit of sleeping on the side can lead to the formation of a lumbar herniated disc.


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