What happens to your body when you eat tuna every day?


1:13 PM

Tuesday 29 September 2020

I wrote – Shaima Morsi:

Canned tuna is an easy food that does not need preparation, and it can be eaten for lunch or other meals, and some people eat it daily, whether for its delicious taste or for losing excess weight, as is common, but what is the effect of that on human health?

Dr. Syed Hammad, a nutrition consultant at the National Institute of Nutrition, mentions to “Masrawy” that eating tuna in general has benefits, including that it contains a good proportion of omega-3 and omega-6, and antioxidants, and a good proportion of vitamins A and D.

But he warned that there are some harms when taken daily, as follows:

Tuna is found in the high seas, which makes it vulnerable to heavy metals pollution such as lead and mercury.

Sometimes tuna is packed in brine, and thus eating it leads to the consumption of large amounts of sodium, which causes high blood pressure and weight loss.

– Preservatives and stabilizers are used for the product.

Excessive eating leads to the body gaining more protein.

Excessive eating makes people vulnerable to pollution and poisoning, due to the heavy metals they contain.

A pregnant woman, especially in the first months of pregnancy, must not eat too much, because this affects the development and growth of the fetus, as a result of the presence of heavy metals in it.

To make the most of canned tuna, it should be eaten once or twice a week, and not to be consumed on a daily basis, with the need to select the types that are not packaged in brine, and choose the types that are kept in an oily solution with the need to get rid of it before eating.


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