What Macron said about a sovereign state is not true


Journalist Ahmed Moussa said that French President Emmanuel Macron spoke difficult words about Lebanon, and his response was violent to what is happening there and the failure to form a government.

During the presentation of the “On My Responsibility” program, broadcast on the Sada Al-Balad channel, Moussa said that Macron stressed the importance of carrying out reforms in Lebanon on the basis of the Road Map, with international support.

Macron went on to say: Hezbollah did not make concessions in order to form a new Lebanese government, and it should not believe that it is the strongest with its weapons and militias, nor did the Amal Movement make a concession.

As Macron told a Lebanese journalist: “I feel disgrace towards your officials and leaders,” criticizing the failure of political leaders to reach a solution and consensus.

For his part, Ahmed Moussa commented on what Macron said: “It is not correct what Macron said about a sovereign state, interfering in its affairs or talking about its officials in this way,” stressing that the Lebanese people always pay the price for the failure of politicians.

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