Why did Hala Shiha delete her photos after the news of her association with the preacher Moez Masoud was circulated?


Procedure a stranger Carried out to the The artist A solution Shiha Where Deleted Many From Her pictures Through Calculated On Instagram Especially distance خبر Their connection The preacher GoatMasoud Where It Even right Now did not She states aThe It was Ahh Right Mother No let it go Some Close people They confirmed Ahh And from between Pictures Which Delete A solution session

take photo to her And many more From Her pictures Remaining On Her pictures Which Wears In which Clothes Modestly Only.

And did not You are this is The time First Which get up In which A solution To delete Her pictures From On Instagram, Where Carried out To delete Her pictures From Before distance Her return To represent Once

Other And take it off The veil Ago Two years

as such Deleted A solution Shiha Her videos Which Posted it OnTic Tock، She settled With a video the unit Appear in it Which Subject For a session take photo وكتبت on him Saying: “Silence Best a lot From talk“.




And day 13 June Which Ago 3 Months, Spread Preacher Goat Masoud, Through His account On “Instagram، picture for him Clutching Guitar, لنجد A solution Shiha Belong Saying: “های Goat who Buy Picture، Laird on her :Person Important accommodate“.

as such Reply the artist Plastic surgery Great Ahmad Shiha On Gossip Which Elongated His daughter A solution On Orbit the days Past About Their connection The preacher والمنتج

GoatMasoud, Explaining at His statements ForToday Seventh، it’s a Surprised With all this is News Published about this is Relationship, Without that is being over there Relationship

Official between His daughter And honorable Advisory to me that the last one did not Talk to him at Which Thing or Progressing For marriage From His daughter officially Even right Now.

وقال the artist Plastic surgery Great Ahmad Shrimp, that Goat Masoud From friends Family, And now Existence groom To his daughter A solution Shiha is being suitable will not Waver

whether he is or Jealous, Confirming that A solution From Her right marriage Where Sponsors Her children On its own


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