Will Filer complete the “Al-Ahlia surprise” in the time of the Corona?


Will Swiss Rene Fyler’s relationship with Al-Ahly end so quickly that the most pessimists in the Red Castle did not expect the coach to complete the series of surprises, whose episodes do not end in the time of the Corona? To announce its position on Rene Fyler, after clarification of all matters and in light of the terms of the contract with the technical director.

The last period witnessed wholesale surprises in Al-Ahly that began with the departure of the big stars and extended to include the separation with Fyler, and we will review them in the following lines

* Ramadan Sobhi

The fans of the Al-Ahly club received a major shock, after the Red Genie announced on its official website the closure of the contract file with Ramadan Sobhi, the Huddersfield Town club’s English player, who played the 2019-2020 season on loan to Al-Ahly.

The shock of the Al-Ahly fans is not in closing the deal file, but in the fact that Al-Ahly club revealed that Ramadan Sobhy informed the management of his desire to move to Pyramids Club, one of Al-Ahly’s direct competitors in recent years.

Ramadan Sobhi was capped with Ahly With 5 tournaments, two league championships, two Egyptian Super Championships, and the African Confederation Championship, the current league championship is the sixth title in its history with the Red Castle.

*Hossam Ashour

While the way the relationship between Hossam Ashour and Al-Ahly ended in the worst possible way, after he was about to obtain many privileges at the end of his contract, by extending it for one season, then obtaining the opportunity to work in the technical or administrative staff or in the club channel, and the opportunity to live training in One of the European clubs, but it all collapsed in one moment.

Hossam Ashour’s position worsened with the Al-Ahly administration, due to his repeated request to end the outstanding matters between the two parties in the fastest way possible, so the Al-Ahly administration decided to close the door of negotiations and put an end to Hossam Ashour’s career with the team.

Hossam Ashour’s trip with Al-Ahly included the coronation of 37 previous championships, which are 13 league titles, 3 Egyptian Cup championships, five African Champions League titles, the same for the African Super League, a single title for the Confederation, and ten titles for the Egyptian Super.

*Ahmad Fathi

Another shock shook the Al-Ahly street. After 12 years of glory and glory in the red jersey, Ahmed Fathi refused to continue with Al-Ahly under the pretext of “The Sunnah of Life” to complete the series The Departed from the Golden Generation of Al-Ahly Club .

Where the Al-Ahly administration tried to renew Ahmed Fathi’s contract, which ends at the end of the 2019-2020 season, but the two parties did not agree on the financial value of the renewal, so the player decided to leave the Red Castle, and also join the ranks of Pyramids Club, but the player will remain in the red shirt until the end of the season.

At the level of titles, Fathy won 20 championships with Al-Ahmar, with 11 league titles, 3 African Champions League titles, two African Super League titles, 3 Egyptian Super Cup titles and one Egyptian Cup title, so that the Joker becomes one of the most important players in the history of the Red Castle .


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