Will Spalletti sacrifice 4.5 million euros for Al-Ahly?


Amid Italian reports stating that there is negotiation between the Al-Ahly club and the famous coach, Spalletti, the financial worker stands the biggest obstacle that may threaten that deal and represents a stumbling block in the way of its completion, as Spalletti currently earns the equivalent of 4.5 million annually, while he is sitting at his home without work.

Spalletti is still bound by a contract with the Italian club, Inter Milan until next year, according to which he receives 4.5 million euros annually despite his dismissal, until the matter is settled with the club or a new team is contracted, so will Spalletti sacrifice this large amount in order to train Al-Ahly and succeed Rene Fyler, who A boat to leave for the Red Fort?

Knowing that Spalletti recently received a number of offers, most notably from Fiorentina, the Chinese Gonza, and others, but he rejected them all, preferring Inter’s money to return to training with any other club, even when Milan negotiated with him, negotiations failed due to Inter’s demand that Milan bear the rest of the value of the special penalty clause. With the coach, in addition to his salary, which is equivalent to 5 million euros, Spalletti is not his decision-maker due to the restrictions imposed by Inter.

Inter Milan sacked Spalletti in June 2019, after leading the team to qualify for the European Champions League.

Spalletti has some training experiences outside Italy, where he previously led the Russian club Zenit St Petersburg, and won with him the Russian League title, the Russian Cup, the Russian Super Cup, and also among his achievements is the Italian Super Cup, as well as two versions of the Italian Cup.


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