Will Zamalek matches be postponed in the league due to the absence of Sassi and Bin Sharqi? .. The Football Association responds


Officials of the Five-Year Committee of the Football Association confirmed their refusal to discuss the postponement of the matches of Zamalek with the Tigris Valley and the border guards, which are scheduled to be held during the international suspension in next October, scheduled for the period from 7 to 15 of the same month, and FIFA officials explained that the FIFA FIFA granted the freedom to the federations to set up friendly matches for the teams or not. Consequently, the Football Association did not commit a violation by holding league matches during the international suspension in October, and it could not at the same time prevent the Tunisian or Moroccan federation from summoning Ferjani Sassi or Ashraf Bin Sharqi Zamalek players.

The football administration at Zamalek Club, under the supervision of Amir Mortada Mansour, decided to submit a recommendation to the club’s board of directors headed by Counselor Mortada Mansour, in order to send a letter to the Egyptian Football Association, in order to object to the holding of matches in the Premier League championship during the upcoming interruptions due to the international agenda. During the period from 7 to 15 October, when the vision of the football management in the White Castle comes that it is assumed that no matches will be held in the league in order to achieve equal opportunities, especially since Zamalek received two letters from the Moroccan Federation and his Tunisian counterpart in order to summon the duo of the Moroccan white team Ashraf Ben Sharqi and the Tunisian Ferjany Sassi During the next downtime, which is what deprives the team of their efforts at that stage.

In this regard, Amir Mortada Mansour, the general supervisor of football, said ZamalekAl-Ahly has decided the league title, but there are other clubs like Zamalek whose interests are damaged, and there are those competing for relegation, and we are competing for second place to participate in the Champions League in the new season, so we will need all our players, and it is not fair to face a full team without the internationals .. And any element that will be absent from Zamalek will cause a problem. I ask the Football Association to solve the matter just as it has found solutions to complete the league, although it was not logical in numbers to complete the competition, and we recorded our objection and then we accepted. “

While the Zamalek club management decided to postpone the determination of the list of departed members of the team in the new season, pending the report that will be presented by the Portuguese Jaime Pacheco, the new technical director of the White, who is returning in a second term to lead the sons of Mitt Oqba, where the Portuguese technical director will take over his mission from yesterday, Monday, As the Portuguese Pacheco was keen to follow up on a set of matches that the white fought in the past period, which were recorded for him to stand on the level of the players and learn about their capabilities. Each player has his participations and numbers this season, so the White Administration believes that it is necessary to postpone the final determination of the departed list so that the Portuguese coach can follow up all the players and give them the opportunity before judging them, whether by leaving some or keeping them, before the start of the summer transfer season for the next season.

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