With 34 million euros … a “devastating” blow to Neymar


He tops the name Neymar he played with Barcelona In the period between 2013 and 2017, a list of thousands of individuals and companies, with a debt of 34.6 million euros, is the highest among all “debtors,” according to the document seen by “France Press”.

And the Spanish press revealed last summer that local tax authorities had demanded Neymar With an amount of approximately 35 million euros, in a tax evasion case from the period he was playing for the Catalan club, but the information was not official yet.

The document, titled “List of Debtors”, includes thousands of individuals and companies with “more than one million euros in debt,” according to the authorities. Spanish taxes.

However, the official tax authority, which confirmed the appearance of Neymar for the first time in this blacklist, did not specify the link of religion and whether it was related to his move in 2013 to Barcelona from Santos Brazilian.

But she pointed out that “several criteria had to be met, such as exceeding the deadline for repaying debts or even not paying them in December 2019 to be on the blacklist.”


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