With a cup and an open belly, Aiten Amer raises controversy, accompanied by her sister, Wafaa Amer


Posted by the artist Aiten Amer A new photo via the Astori feature on its official page on the social networking site for photos and videos “Instagram” With a bold look, accompanied by her sister, the artist, Wafaa Amer.
AppearedAiten Amer With a bold and sexy look, she caught her eye wearing a beige cup and light jeans, and left her hair down in the curly way, and put on some makeup from lipstick and cheeks.

On the other hand, the artist, Wafaa Amer, appeared with a sporty look in black, which revealed her grace and graceful strength.

Ayten Amer’s last work was starring in the series “A Second Chance” with Yasmine Sabry, Ahmed Magdy, Mahmoud Al-Bazawi, Mohamed Diab, Edward, and Nihal Anbar.

A second chance series, directed by Markus Adel and written by Mustafa Jamal Hashem, with the treatment of the drama of Mohamed Sayed Bashir, and produced by Tamer Morsi.

The picture won the admiration of many of its followers, and artist Reem Al-Baroudi commented on the picture, saying “beautiful.”

One of the followers commented, saying, “Beautiful Away Ya Albi”, and here is the picture that shows the details of her appearance.


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