With a different hairstyle .. Laila Elwi, with a casual look that catches the eye … Watch


Posted by the artist Leila AlawiA new photo of her through her personal account on the Instagram photo and video exchange site, with an attractive casual look that highlights her beauty.

And it appeared Leila AlawiWith attractive jeans of light blue, and wearing a simple and attractive top in white, she coordinated with him a long white cardigan and inlaid with a group of simple colorful patterns that highlight its beauty.

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And from an aesthetic point of view, it adopted Leila Alawi In the make-up on the black color of the eyes, which highlights their beauty, and put thin touches of lipstick in a soft pink color that matches her look.

She also chose the simple Sunbulah hairstyle for her long golden hair, which adds a soft and aesthetic touch to her casual look.

She did not bother to wear a lot of accessories, and was satisfied with her attractive looks.

Her last drama was the series “She and Da Vinci”, which was shown in Ramadan 2016 and co-starred with Khaled El Sawy, and her latest film work is “Water, Green, and the Good Face” Menna Shalaby and Bassem Samra participated in the tournament, and it is directed by Yousry Nasrallah.

She commented on the picture, saying, “It is not true that the big roles are only performed by the official authorities and large institutions. Always you and I, and everyone of us is able to help in some way .. Able to make a difference and extend his hand to an individual, family and small community who strives with effort, honor and great talent. He also lives a decent life … I really liked the idea of ​​the #Love_Local Campaign to support industries, handicrafts and small projects … Support them and buy their handcrafted products at reasonable prices and high quality and support small business owners because every big brand started with a small idea and dream from its owner.


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