With a soft look .. Youssef Al-Sharif’s wife catches the eye on his birthday


Screenwriter Engy Alaa was keen The wife of the artist Youssef Al-Sharif On the participation of her followers through her official account on Twitter, new photos during the celebration of her husband’s birthday.
Shine Youssef Al-Sharif’s wife In the pictures with a soft look, where she wore a mid-length dress with open sleeves in a milky color, and the design was characterized by the lace fabric that increased her attractiveness.

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وبدت Youssef Al-Sharif’s wife In the pictures, barefoot, while adorned with a distinctive set of accessories and jewelry that gave her an integrated look, their pictures won the admiration of her followers on social networking sites.

As for the aesthetics, Youssef Al-Sharif’s wife relied on the straight locks of her hair falling on her shoulders, and she put on attractive makeup based on the colors that are consistent with the color of her skin.


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