With the approaching 100 thousand cases … did the symptoms of corona change with sucking?


02:26 PM

Saturday 05 September 2020

Books – Ahmad Jumaa:
Egypt has close to registering 100,000 new cases of the Coronavirus since the first case of a foreign person appeared in mid-February, while controversy continues regarding the symptoms of infection and the extent of their recent reduction in severity.

Yesterday, the Ministry of Health recorded 157 positive cases of Corona and 16 deaths, bringing the total number to 99,582 cases, including 76,305 cases that have been cured, and 5495 deaths.

Regarding the extent to which Corona symptoms have changed, Dr. Mohamed Abdel Fattah, head of the Central Department of Preventive Medicine at the Ministry of Health, said that the cases have the same basic signs and first symptoms such as “sore throat, headache, high temperature, cracking in the body and loss of the sense of smell and taste,” but there are some cases. I have reported gastrointestinal problems either vomiting or diarrhea.

“The main signs of respiratory diseases remain, sometimes accompanied by other symptoms,” Lamasrawi added in an interview to be published later.

Last Thursday, Dr. Hala Zayed, Minister of Health, revealed that he had analyzed the data of 8,203 patients with the “Corona” virus in 28 isolation hospitals and compared the symptoms that appeared on them over the past months to monitor the possibility of the virus mutating.

The minister said that the digestive system was not targeted more than the respiratory system, as some have traded, and that there is no differential difference between the months with regard to infection with one or more symptoms.

The minister added that the highest death rate came in cases with chronic diseases, and that the age group most affected by death is between 60-69 years, by 29.1%, while in the case of children less than 10 years old, the death rate decreases by 1%, and the death rate is for adults. Age is more likely to occur at younger ages, which is in line with global averages.


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