With the seat number, we publish the results of the second round of Al-Azhar High School


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Saturday 26 September 2020

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Shortly after, Sheikh Saleh Abbas, the deputy of Al-Azhar, accredits the results of the second round of Al-Azhar High School and Al-Ba`outh High School.

Al-Azhar announced that the results of the second round of the Al-Azhar High School, with the seat number and the national number, appeared on the following link:


Sheikh Ahmed Abdel Azim, head of the Al-Azhar Secondary Certificate Control, announced the approval of the results of the second round of the Al-Azhar Secondary Certificate, today, Saturday, after the completion of the correction work that lasted nine days.

Abdel Azim added that the results of the second round of the Al-Azhar high school diploma are promising compared to last year, and there are high percentages in Cairo and Al-Azhar regions, indicating that no complaints will be received throughout the exam period.

Last Monday, the students of the scientific department finished the second round of Al-Azhar high school, their exams with chemistry, while the students of the literary department finished their exams on Sunday with the morphology exam in the first committee and the history course in the second committee.

Sheikh Saleh Abbas, the representative of Al-Azhar, praised the Al-Azhar high school students, indicating that they provided a good example in adhering to the instructions, which led to the success of the exams and preserving the safety of everyone, explaining that the correction work was started from the first day of the exams, adding that most of the materials were corrected The result will be announced upon completion of the correction work, indicating that the students ’results are promising and the success rate is outstanding.

For his part, Sheikh Ali Khalil, head of the Al-Azhar institutes sector, explained that the exams were within the reach of the average student, which led to the absence of complaints about the difficulty of the exams, praising the examiners and providing them with all means of comfort for students and adhering to the precautionary measures, thanking everyone who contributed to the success of the exam Al-Azhar Secondary School.

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