With winter approaching … 5 days to discover the difference between Corona and influenza


A recent study revealed that there is a difference between infection with the Coronavirus and the flu, but a lot occurs in not knowing whether he was infected with any of them because of the similarity of symptoms, especially with the entry of the winter season, which is most common with colds and influenza.
The study indicated that both diseases share similar symptoms, and the NHS said flu symptoms can spread very quickly and can include a sudden fever, a sore body, feeling tired or exhausted, a dry cough, a sore throat and a headache.
Difficulty sleeping, loss of appetite, diarrhea or abdominal pain, and feeling sick are also symptoms associated with the flu. But these symptoms have also been seen in Coronavirus patients.
One of the ways in which the Corona virus can be distinguished is through a loss of the sense of taste and smell, according to Arnold Monto, an epidemiologist at the University of Michigan School of Public Health, and Carl Philpott, an ear, nose and throat expert at the University of East Anglia.

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Monto told The Washington Post that so far, the Corona virus has only had one telltale sign – a distinct loss of taste and smell, People with the flu or a common cold and nasal congestion may also lose their sense of smell.
But according to Philbott, the difference with the COVID-19 virus is that the loss is sudden and more profound, which affects the ability to distinguish between sweet and bitter, and it may happen without a stuffy nose.

According to the “express” website, the conclusion is after a small study that gave smell and taste tests to 30 people – 10 were diagnosed with Coronavirus COVID-19, 10 had colds, and 10 worked as a health control group.

Philpott said the results provide a way to differentiate COVID-19 from the flu or a cold when conventional tests are not available.

He added that people suspected of having the emerging coronavirus (COVID-19) may test themselves at home by inhaling products such as coffee or oranges.
Another symptom that may help distinguish between coronavirus and influenza is shortness of breath, which is a term for difficulty breathing.
The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) lists this as one of only two symptoms that do not usually share with influenza (the other being loss of taste and smell).
The scientists also provided advice which is for anyone suffering from a high temperature or a new persistent cough or a loss or change in the sense of smell or taste is to undergo a Corona virus test, andThe test should be done within the first five days of symptoms appearing.

The scientists continued that “in the days from the first to the fourth day of your symptoms, you can take the test in the laboratory or at home, if you order a home test kit on the fourth day, do so by 3 pm.”

On the fifth day, you have to go to a test lab, not at homeIf you can’t get tested for the first five days after symptoms appear, you and anyone you live with should stay home and self-isolate.


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