With your permission, Ashraf, please … Tariq Yahya narrates the details of his incident with Bin Sharqi


reveal Tariq Yahya Former artistic director of Zamalek, Ashraf Bencharki’s objection was not in the way that some tried to raise and amplify it in the media or social media.
He said in statements on the Falcon Stadium program broadcast on Radio Egypt: Ashraf bin Sharqi He objected to his dismissal and he wanted to complete the match, and I told him after your permission, “Oh Ashraf, please. Then he said, ‘I’m sorry, Captain Tariq. Your right to him is not against me.”

He added, “Bencharki apologized to me, and some people blame me for leaving, but the player was absent for 3 weeks and missed several matches, so it was not reasonable for him to participate in a full 90 minutes, in the second half his physical performance decreased a lot, and he had to be withdrawn after 65 Minute, for fear of injury. “

And he continued: “Obama and Zizo also played a good match and were replaced. Tariq Hamed cut great running rates, which reached more than 12 kilos, Obama 11 kilos and Zizou 10 and 500 meters, we should not put the players under greater pressure than that.”

He continued: “He did not ask me for any technical reports. Pacheco will lead the first training session. If he asked me to be present I will of course attend, and I know a lot about the Zamalek team, and I am under the order of the officials.”

And he added, “Pacheco attended the match and definitely made his point of view on the players.”


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